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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Python # 4 - Applications of Python

Applications of Python-
1) GUI-Based Desktop Applications:-
Python has simple structure, rich text handling tools and the capacity to work on multiple working frameworks which make it a desirable choice for creating desktop-based applications. There are different GUI toolboxs like PyQt or PyGtk, wxPython, accessible which enable developers to make highly functional Graphical User Interface (GUI).
The different applications created using Python includes-
  • Picture Processing and Graphic Design Applications:
  • Python has been utilized to make 2D imaging software, for example,Inkscape, Paint Shop Pro and Scribus, GIMP. Further, 3D animation package, similar to Blender, Lightwave, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Maya, additionally use Python in variable proportions.

  • Games:
  • Python has different modules, libraries and platforms that help development of games. For instance, PySoy is a 3D game engine supporting Python 3, and PyGame gives usefulness and a library to game development. There have been various games using Python including ,Vega Strike, Disney's Toontown Online, Civilization-IV and so on.

  • Scientific and Computational Applications:
  • The higher rates, profitability and accessibility of devices, for example, Scientific Python and Numeric Python, have brought about Python turning into an essential piece of applications involved in calculation and preparing of logical information. 3D modeling software, for example, FreeCAD, and limited component technique programming, for example, Abaqus, are coded in Python.

2) Audio or Video based Applications-:

Python proves handy in multimedia section.Examples are:TimPlayer, cplay etc.

3) Audio or Video based Applications-:

A real application which provides full features of CAD is Fandango.

4) Web Frameworks and Web Applications:-

Python has been used to make an variety of web- frameworks including TurboGears, Bottle, Flask, CherryPy, Django, and so on. These frameworks give standard libraries and modules which simplify tasks related to content management, connection with database and interfacing with various web protocols, for example, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, XML-RPC, and POP. Plone is a content management framework; ERP5 is an open source ERP which is used as a part of aerospace, clothing and managing an account; Odoo– a solidified suite of business applications; and Google App engine is a well known web applications based on Python.

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5) Console Based Application:-

Python can be used to develop console based applications.For example: IPython.

6) Enterprise Applications and Business Application:-

Python features that include special libraries, extensibility, adaptability and effortlessly readable syntax , Python is a suitable coding language for modifying larger applications. Reddit, which was initially composed in Common Lisp, was modified in Python in 2005.Python contributed in a vast part to functionality in YouTube.

7) Applications for Images:-

Python can be used to developed several application for image. Examples:VPython, Gogh, imgSeek etc.

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